Common Central Vac Repair Issues

central vac repair

Central vacuum systems are a popular and convenient way to keep your home clean, but like any other system, they can sometimes encounter issues.

3 More Reasons We Love Home Central Vacuums

home central vacuums

When we talk about why we love home central vacuums, we tend to focus on how easily and efficiently they clean your house. But there is another set of reasons that make central vacuums attractive to homeowners.

Thinking About a Central Vacuum System?

central vacuum system

Anyone who has ever lugged a vacuum cleaner up a flight of stairs has thought that there must be a better way to do this. At JN Bergeron Vacuum Solutions, we have one: a central vacuum system.

Cyclo Vac: Common Maintenance Issues

cyclo vac

Having a Cyclo Vac system installed in your house is a fantastic and convenient way to keep your home clean. Here are a couple of maintenance issues to keep an eye on so that your central vac system keeps working for years to come.