Must-Have Attachments for Home Central Vacuums

If you have a central vacuum system, you know how convenient it is. But having a vacuum that makes your home easier to clean needs the right attachments. At JN Bergeron, our goal is to supply you with the best home central vacuums and all the accessories you need to get the best use out of them. Everyone has their own list of favorite accessories and attachments they can’t live without, including us.

Here’s our list of must-have attachments for home central vacuums.


Crevice, upholstery, and dusting tools

The best thing about having a central vacuum is that it gives you easy access to every part of your house without having to lug a heavy canister around. But being able to get to every nook and cranny of your house means that you need the right tools to clean them. Small attachments for crevices, dusting, and upholstery will let you get the vacuum everywhere.


Floor brushes and stair tools

If you have hardwood floors, you go out of your way to ensure you don’t scratch them. Having a brush attachment with a wide head is a lifesaver when you need to vacuum your hardwood floors. And then when you’re ready to move on to the stairs, having that small attachment will save you time and hassle.


Blind, shutter, and fan tools

If you’ve ever looked at the top of your ceiling fan blades, you know it can get pretty dusty up there. Your blinds and shutters can get the same way. Those are surfaces that can be delicate as well, so you don’t want to break them by using an attachment that is too heavy. Tools that are specially designed for blinds and fan blades make cleaning them a breeze.


Pet brushes

If you have pets, cleaning up their hair is a never-ending chore. But with the right attachment for your central vac, it will take you no time at all. Clipping the pet brush tool onto the hose to deal with pet hair will be so easy it will just become part of your routine.


Bonus: wall-mounted storage caddy

Having all these handy attachments is great, but where do you put them? A wall-mounted storage caddy is the best way to store your central vacuum hose and attachments for easy access. And it takes up minimal space. You won’t have to worry about your other attachments falling all over the closet or laundry room when you grab the one you need.


JN Bergeron: Everything You Need for Home Central Vacuums

Have you compiled your central vacuum attachment wish list? We have everything to make using home central vacuums easy at JN Bergeron. And if you’re not sure what attachments and accessories you need for your home, our staff are ready to help!


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