Improve Air Quality with a Central Vacuum

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There are several benefits to a central vacuum installation. One benefit that we at JN Bergeron and other central vacuum retailers often tout is improved air quality. But how exactly does a central vacuum improve the air quality in your house? There are several reasons for that ranging from the power of a central vacuum to how easy it is to use. We know it’s easy for us to say that, so we’re going to take a closer look at what a central vacuum can do for your home’s air quality.

Let’s take a closer look at how a central vacuum installation improves the quality of the air in your home.


More Suction

The main factor that affects the quality of the air in your home is dust. Portable vacuum cleaners don’t have as much power as a central vacuum, so they just don’t have the suction that you get from a central vac.  When you have a vacuum with higher power and increased suction, you pull in more of the dust every time you vacuum.


Filtration and Recirculation

Another benefit of a central vacuum installation is that the filter and collection receptacle are kept away from your living areas. Central vacs also have much better filters than you will find in a portable vacuum cleaner. They trap more particles and keep them from recirculating into your living areas. When you use a portable vacuum cleaner, some of the dust and particles recirculate into the air. With a central vacuum, the dirt that gets sucked up is safely in the canister, away from where you spend most of your time.


Ease of Use

Most people don’t enjoy vacuuming, but with a central vac system, it’s easier and takes much less time. If it takes less time to vacuum, you have time to do it more often. Then there will be less dust and particles that cause allergies and irritation floating around your home. The wide range of accessories and attachments that you can get for a central vac also makes it easier to clean your home. You can get to all those areas where dust tends to build up.


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Central Vacuum Installation by JN Bergeron

We spend a lot of time indoors, and much of that time is spent at home. And with more people working from home, that time is increasing. If you have a problem with dust and allergens in your home, central vacuum installation will help to greatly improve the air quality.


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