Effectively Vacuum Every Room in Your Home

central vacuum system

If you have a central vacuum system in your home, you know how much time it saves you. But any vacuum only serves you as well as you use it. At JN Bergeron, we are dedicated to helping you find the best cleaning solutions for your home and your family. When it comes time to vacuum your whole house, or even just one room, vacuuming efficiently will save you more time on top of the time you already save by having a central vacuum system.

Follow these tips to clean every room in your home thoroughly.


Prep the Room

Before you start vacuuming, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and hassle if you get the room ready first. It’s not exactly cleaning the room before you clean the room, but it might feel like that! Dust your baseboards, ceiling fans, and other surfaces before you vacuum. If you dust them afterward, you’ll just have to vacuum it up again. You’ll also want to pick up any clutter from the floor.


Use the Right Attachments

Once you get down to the actual vacuuming, it’s all about using the right attachments. Hardwood and tile floors need something different than rugs. Extenders to get into the crevices are also invaluable tools for getting all the dust and dirt out of the corners. If you have an area rug, switch attachments when you move off the rug and onto the hardwood floor.


Work in a Grid

Now we can actually get down to the process of vacuuming the room. Most rooms are more or less rectangular, so the easiest way is to work in a grid. By moving methodically, you won’t miss any spots or vacuum the same area over and over. If your rugs show lines from the vacuum, moving in a grid will look nicer, too. Once you are satisfied that you’ve covered the main area of the room, you can move on to the smaller nooks and corners.


Install a Central Vacuum System with JN Bergeron

If you’re tired of lugging your vacuum cleaner all over the house, a central vacuum system is just what you need. The system is relatively simple to install in most homes, and the cost of the installation will pay for itself in no time.


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