3 Central Vacuum Installation Myths

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As soon as you mention that you are considering any big purchase for your home, you know that people will come out of the woodwork to tell you why you shouldn’t. If you are considering central vacuum installation, you’ve encountered your share of naysayers. A central vacuum is certainly an investment, but don’t let myths put you off. There are pros and cons to any appliance, but some of those cons just aren’t true. JN Bergeron Vacuum Solutions are the central vacuum experts.

Let’s sort the central vacuum installation fact from the fiction.


You can’t install central vac in an old house.

Yes you can! Many people believe that you can only install a central vac in newer homes. Central vacuum systems can be pretty easily retrofitted to older houses. As long as there is a place to install the motor canister, installers can run pipes throughout the house, no matter its age. As most houses in the area, including older houses, have basements, that’s usually not a problem.


Central vacuum installation takes a long time.

It actually only takes a day or two, depending on how big your house is. People expect days of work and damage to their homes, but that’s not the case. The motor and canister usually take less than half an hour to hang. Other than the hose inlets, holes don’t need to be cut in the walls. Major components are hidden in storage spaces or the basement or garage. You don’t have to worry about being displaced by days of work, followed by a giant mess to clean up.


A central vacuum is difficult to maintain.

As long as you change the filter bag and motor brushes when necessary, a central vac is quite easy to maintain. Central vacs do have stronger suction compared to traditional vacuums, so you have to be careful that you don’t vacuum up anything you shouldn’t. (See our blog on things that you should never vacuum up.) Take anything that you shouldn’t vacuum up off the floor and don’t use your vacuum when what you really need is a mop.

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Central Vacuum Installation from JN Bergeron

So now that we’ve busted some central vacuum installation myths, why not give JN Bergeron a call? We’ll help you choose the right central vac for your house and install it without disrupting your home.

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