Three Things You Should Never Vacuum Up

We understand that vacuuming is not everyone’s favorite household chore. But it’s necessary to keep your home clean and tidy. Did you know that central vacuums in Manchester make your life a whole lot easier? It’s true! You don’t need to worry about endless cords and plug outlets.


Regardless of what type of vacuum you own, there are a few things you should avoid vacuuming up. If you’re looking for central vacuum experts, you’re in the right place. Here’s the scoop right from JN Bergeron.



Not everyone may be aware of the dangers that come with vacuuming up liquids. While it might not always lead to issues, mixing water and your electric vacuum can lead to problems. Problems like electrocution! While that may seem drastic, it’s a very real possibility. It’s best to avoid vacuuming up any liquid if possible. Plus, it reduces the risk of mold growing inside of your central vacuum system.



While using a vacuum to get rid of the pesky spiders living in your closet may sound like a good idea, it’s best to avoid this practice. Why? Well, if you’re also vacuuming up food and other debris, you’re providing a food source for bugs like ants. Therefore, they can continue to survive within your central vacuums in your Manchester home!


Poisons or Powders

Cleaning up powders is never fun. We totally understand that vacuuming up the mess seems like the obvious answer. But you should avoid this practice if you can! Powder insecticides, baking powder, corn starch, and more can release the fine powders back into the air. Furthermore, the fine powders can make their way into your vacuum cleaner and ruin the motor. That’s not good!


Central Vacuums in Manchester

A central vacuum system is composed of a system of pipes running through the interior walls of your home. These pipes lead to a large vacuum unit generally located in the basement or garage. There are ports where homeowners easily attach and detach a hose throughout the home, moving around the house with ease and without hauling heavy machinery.


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