Central Vacuum System: 4 Benefits for Asthma and Allergies

If you suffer from asthma or seasonal allergies, you understand how frustrating it can be to find relief from your symptoms. And with the spring season in full effect with pollen and other dander, it’s likely that flare-ups and symptoms are more prevalent. One of the most effective ways to manage your symptoms is to reduce your exposure to these triggers, and a central vacuum system can be a helpful tool in doing so. This month at JN Bergeron Vacuum Solutions, we’re discussing four benefits a central vacuum system can provide for those with allergies and asthma.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

One of the primary benefits of a central vacuum system is that it can significantly improve indoor air quality. Traditional vacuum cleaners often stir up dust and allergens, which can be recirculated into the air. However, a central vacuum system directly transports dirt and debris to the central unit. This is where it can be filtered and exhausted outside. This means fewer allergens will be left in the air, leading to cleaner, healthier indoor air!

More Effective Cleaning

Central vacuum systems are typically more effective at removing dirt, dust, and debris than traditional vacuum cleaners. They have stronger suction power and larger dirt canisters, meaning they can pick up more debris in a single pass. This not only leads to a cleaner home, but it also means fewer allergens in the air to trigger your symptoms.

central vacuum system

Convenient and Easy to Use

Since the vacuum inlets are installed throughout your home, you won’t have to carry a heavy vacuum cleaner up and down stairs or through tight spaces. This can significantly benefit those with asthma or other respiratory conditions, as it reduces the physical strain of cleaning. Additionally, central vacuum systems usually come with various attachments and accessories that make it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas. 

Health Benefits

Finally, a central vacuum system can provide significant health benefits for allergy and asthma sufferers. By removing more allergens from the air and providing more effective cleaning, a central vacuum system can help reduce the severity and frequency of allergy and asthma symptoms. This can lead to a better quality of life and improved overall health!


Choose Central Vacuums from JN Bergeron 

Investing in a central vacuum system can help allergy and asthma sufferers breathe easier and enjoy a cleaner, healthier home. If you’re interested in installing one or would like to learn more about our products, we encourage you to visit our website or reach out to our team at JN Bergeron today! We look forward to hearing from you!

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