Prevent Winter Allergies with a Central Vacuum System

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It may not be spring yet, but that won’t stop allergy symptoms. JN Bergeron has you covered with a central vacuum system.

It’s winter, so that means no allergies, right? While pollen may not be an issue right now, that doesn’t stop allergies from sticking around. You’d be surprised how dust, pet dander, and other airborne allergens can affect you in the winter. With a central vacuum system from  JN Bergeron, keep those allergens at bay!

Winter Allergies

Winter is here in full force, and that means more time spent indoors. However, if you can’t get rid of that cough or that constant, runny nose, then you may be suffering from a variety of allergens built up in your home. While ventilation and a humidifier may help at first, you can’t ignore the dust buildup or the pet fur. While a Swiffer is a great quick fix, JN Bergeron is here to help with a central vacuum system!

Types of Winter Allergies

  1. Dust, dust, everywhere! Dust is made up of dirt, dry skin, clothing fibers, and old food. 
  2. Pet Dander! Did you know that pet fur isn’t the cause of allergies? “Dander” is a protein found in your beloved pet’s saliva and on their skin. This can worsen due to your pet’s extra fur growth in winter. 
  3. Other Allergens Include dust mites and mold growth


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Prevent Winter Allergies

If you notice that your allergies don’t slow in the winter, solve the issue with a Central Vacuum System.   

Why They Work

 Vacuuming can help solve the issue by eradicating dust, dust mites, and pet dander. Our vacuums provide cleaner air inside the home after just one use! This is because our vacuums vent the bad air out and circulate clean, allergen-free air. Instead of replacing filters and dumping the dirt and dust from your small household vacuum, save money, reduce landfill waste, and save on physical labor with our lightweight central vacuum system. 

Upgrade to a Central Vacuum System

If you have more than one floor in your home, you know just how tedious vacuuming can be. With our Central Vacuuming System, never add to the hassle of vacuuming again.

  • More powerful suction to cleans deeper and protect your carpeting 
  • Forget those pesky power cords
  • No more allergies!
  • Our lightweight design makes it easy to clean any surface


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At JN Bergeron Vacuum Solutions, our team is here to help you make the best decision. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an old system, purchase a new centralized vacuum system, or even if you are looking for replacement parts, we’re here to help. Stop by JN Bergeron Vacuum Solutions today!


Since 1987, JN Bergeron has been Manchester’s choice for central vacuuming. For more information on what we have to offer, contact our skilled team of professionals at (603) 624-4061. 

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