Home Central Vacuums: The Benefits of Vacuum Cleaning

home central vacuums

We’ll admit that we love our home central vacuums for the ease of use. But this isn’t the only reason we love our vacuums! Cleaning your surroundings has been proven to help your health? At JN Bergeron, we take our clients’ health and peace of mind seriously, and we offer the best in-home vacuum products with Cyclo Vac’s product lines, designed and assembled in America. We’ve talked about the benefits of these products, and now, we’re here to talk about health benefits! If you’re still unsure if a central vacuum is right for you, keep reading to learn why you should consider a home central vacuum.

home central vacuums

Allergy Season

For obvious reasons, vacuuming is still the best way to clean the home. Vacuums pick up dust, pet dander, and other allergens. Due to the amount of dust that can accumulate in a short period, those with allergies tend to suffer, regardless of the season. Vacuuming any part of the home with pet dander, dust mites, and other allergens will help. 

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Sanitation is Key

After the stress of Covid, the focus to sanitize and clean our living spaces has become a widespread movement. Cleaning is key to a bacteria-free environment. And while vacuuming a rug is not necessary for sanitation, the dirt, and debris in that rug hide tons of bacteria. Vacuuming this dirt and debris will immediately remove and trap the micro-filtration filters.  

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Sleep Health

In general, we all sleep better when we aren’t stressed. However, we tend to forget how our surroundings affect stress levels. Vacuuming regularly in all bedrooms can remove dust mites and other microorganisms, and this will help you sleep better. 

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Clean Air is Good Air

Not only does a clean environment aid in your physical well-being, but it can also help with your psychological health! A cleaner environment usually leads to a more productive one, which can be said of the home. While cleaning itself can be a chore, the immediate satisfaction of a cleaner room is worth it, especially if your home has a central vacuum. Cleaner environments assist with overall health and a mood boost!

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Home Central Vacuums with JN Bergeron

If you’re suffering from allergens in the home, you aren’t alone! The best solution to a dust-free environment is with a central vacuum. At JN Bergeron, we work with trusted products like Cyclo Vac and guarantee satisfaction and better health for our customers!

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