Shop Vs. Home Central Vacuums

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When the term ‘shop vac’ is thrown around, most people envision a completely separate unit from home central vacuums. While they are, in fact, different types of systems, they are also more similar than you might first imagine. At JN Bergeron, we believe in fully educating our customers so that they are confident in their investment. Here, we’re providing you with everything you ever wondered about shop vacs and home central vacuum systems.



Portable systems.

Portable systems encompass an extensive range of vacuums. From uprights to canisters, these models are mobile, lightweight, and versatile but small. Most portable vacuums get the job done, but if you’re looking for performance, other options may be better suited.


Central Vacuums.

A central vacuum system doesn’t provide the superior mobility of a portable system, but the performance far outweighs that of any portable vacuum. With a greater level of suction power, users not only get a better clean but a faster one as well. With the most extensive array of hoses and brushes, a central vacuum is equipped to handle any space and any mess.


Benefits of home central vacuums.

Making the switch from a portable system to a home central vacuum provides several benefits. Powerful and dependable, this type of system works hard to keep your family healthy with features like microfiltration disposable bags. Here are a few more perks:

  • Super durability over portable solutions.
  • Reliable longevity that brings peace of mind for your investment.
  • Versatile and easy to use.
  • Cleaner air for reduced allergies within the home.
  • Fewer maintenance requirements than a portable solution.
  • Strongest suction power for the most effective clean.


central vac systems



Shop vacs.

Let’s circle back to shop vacs. Sure, these systems also fall into the ‘portable’ category. However, they are a bit different. Like a home central vac, shop vacs are designed to handle large amounts of dust, debris, and liquid. The primary difference, again, falls within the amount of power each provides. While a shop vac offers greater mobility being a portable unit, the suction doesn’t compare to a home vacuum system.

Making the switch to a whole-house central vacuum system provides longevity, durability, and a more cost-effective solution. Powerful and dependable, central vacs also help keep your home healthy with superior microfiltration.


If you’re ready to make the switch or have more questions, contact JN Bergeron Vacuum Solutions today at (603) 624-4061.