Is Your Cyclovac System Clogged?



Imagine this: you finally found the motivation to clean and vacuum your home after a long work week, only to find that your cyclovac system is clogged. You just want clean floors but your system doesn’t have the proper suction power to do so! Perhaps you accidentally vacuumed up that extra sock that was left on the floor last week? No worries, JN Bergeron Vacuum Solutions is here to help. Let’s get started with how to deal with a clogged cyclovac central vacuum.


Unclogging Your Cyclovac System


So, first things first. Clogs happen. It’s almost inevitable. Most often, you’ll find something stuck in the pipe, vacuum head, or somewhere in the hose. But with a little bit of handy work, you can be back on track with your cleaning (just what you wanted!). Here are the steps to unclog various parts of your cyclovac system, depending on where your issue is.


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Unclogging System Pipes


Clearing the system pipes for your central vacuum system can be tricky. First, you’ll need to determine which vacuum hose inlet is closest to the main vacuum in your home. From there, you’ll need to insert the hose as normal. Then, place your hand or a book over the handle end of the hose.


Allow the pressure to build up. Next, quickly remove your hand and repeat the process. Keep repeating for up to 10 minutes, or you notice the clog clearing. If this doesn’t work, you can try using a plumbers snake to remove the clogged. If all else fails, contact JN Bergeron for more assistance!


Unclogging Vaccum Hose or Heads


Before you start to determine where the clog is in the vacuum hose or head, remove it from the wall inlet to prevent the debris from clogging the pipes. Insert the hose directly into your central vacuum unit. If you feel no suction, then it’s your hose.


If you do feel suction, your pipes may be clogged, and see the above details. You can use a stiff object to push or pull out the thing stopping the hose from suctioning correctly. If something is blocking the vacuum head, you can simply push or pull out the debris.


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Cyclovac Systems at JN Bergeron


We’re here to help keep your system running smoothly. Stop by and visit our showroom today and experience extraordinary for yourself! Have questions? Call us today at 603-624-4061.