What Is A Central Vacuum System?

You’ve heard of a vacuum, you probably own one. Chances are, you’ve also heard of a central vacuum system. However, the general understanding of this type of system tends to be much less than a portable vacuum. While you may have the jist of a centralized vac, do you understand the benefits? Is this solution really cost-effective for a residential home?

At JN Bergeron, we have the answers you need to make the best choice for your home. And, best of all, did you know that maintaining a centralized system tends to be far less than a traditional portable vacuum?



Let’s start with the basics.

A central vacuum system, sometimes referred to as a whole-house vacuum, is a system of pipes running through the interior walls. These pipes lead to a large vacuum unit generally located in the basement or garage. Throughout the home, suction ports that resemble electrical outlets are added to each room. These ports are where homeowners easily attach and detach a hose, moving around the house with ease and without hauling heavy machinery.


central vacuum installation

The benefits of a centralized vacuum system.

Beyond the mentioned freedom of lugging along a heavy vacuum, a centralized system provides a myriad of other benefits to homeowners as well. Below is just a few:

  • A more powerful design than a portable vacuum, allowing for a better clean.
  • Produce less noise than a portable vacuum.
  • Utilizes an external vent (similar to your dryer) that reduces dust and dirt recirculation.
  • The external vent also prevents recycled vacuum air in the home, significantly helping those with allergies.
  • A centralized system will typically last at least thirty years, if not more.
  • Minimal maintenance and cleaning required. With normal use, the vacuum unit should only need to be emptied a handful of times of the year.



Is the cost worth the investment?

If you look at the average cost of a centralized system in comparison to some of the higher-end portable models, the price tag difference is minimal – especially when you compare and contrast the benefits. For most homeowners, investing in a central vacuum system is well worth the upfront cost. Beyond lasting longer, this system is more durable, offers better warranties, and often increases the value of the home.




At JN Bergeron Vacuum Solutions, our team is here to help you make the best decision. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an old system, purchase a new centralized vacuum system, or even if you are looking for replacement parts, we’re here to help. Next time something goes wrong with your vacuum, do yourself (and your budget) a favor and stop by JN Bergeron Vacuum Solutions!