Understanding How Central Vacuum Systems Work

Over the past couple of years, central vacuuming systems have been coming back into the spotlight. With everyone you know talking about them, you see yourself wondering, “what exactly is a central vacuum?” JN Bergeron is your team for central vacuum installation and maintenance. Today, we are here to tell you what this craze is and how exactly these systems work when cleaning your home. 


central vacuum installation

What is a Central Vacuuming System?

Central vacuuming systems are sometimes referred to as a “whole-house vacuum.” It is a system of pipes that run through your home through your walls. These pipes lead to a larger vacuuming unit that is typically placed in basements or garages. There will also be ports through your home where you can quickly hook up attachments, such as hoses that connect to the vacuum system, which allows you to clean every inch of your home without hauling around a plug-in vacuum. 


How Does it Work?

Each type of central vacuum system is similar in how they are installed and what they do. No matter the type of vacuuming system you get, it will tend to have four different parts. 


  • The Core: The core of the unit is the vacuuming unit itself. This is a tank that is typically placed in the basement or garage of your home. Inside the core is a powerful motor that provides the system with strong suction and deep cleaning, which pulls the debris through the pipes and hoses and collects here until it is cleaned out. 


  • The Control: The control is the vacuum hose. Hoses for central vacuuming systems are lightweight, flexible, and crush-proof. All lengths of hoses have two different ends. One end goes into the ports found on your walls, while the other connects to the tools that come with the system. Some hoses are designed to begin working as soon as they are plugged into the system, while others are fitted with an on and off switch. 


  • The Connectivity: The connectivity refers to the pipes and inlets of the system. Inlets would be placed in every room of the home, allowing the vacuum to be used. Pipes in the walls connect those inlets to the core of the vacuum, allowing all of the debris and other items that have been vacuumed up to collect there. 


  • The Cleaning: There are many different accessories that are available to be hooked up to the central vacuum. The two most common you may see are the brush head for carpets and air-driven heads for hard flooring. Some accessories come with your vacuum. However, additional accessories may need to be purchased along with it. 


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