The Craze Behind Cyclo Vac

The terms “cyclo vac” or central vacuuming have regained popularity  leaving people asking, “is a central vacuum worth it?” At JN Bergeron, we specialize in installing and maintaining central vacuuming systems. Our team is here to help you answer your questions about what central vacuuming is, and the impact they offer.


What is it?

A central vacuuming system is a vacuum that is built into your home or business. Central vacs have been around since 1954 but are growing in popularity again due to their powerful clean and affordable costs. Despite contrary belief, central vacs can be installed after a house has been built, not just during the building process.  


What does typical maintenance look like?

Many choose to install central vacuuming systems instead of using modern vacuum cleaners mainly for the upkeep of the two. With modern vacuum systems, it is very easy to clog the bristles used to pick up dirt and debris. While it is technically the same with central vac systems, it is relatively much harder to do. Central vacuum systems are also much stronger than their modern counterparts leaving a better clean in one go through while you may have to stop and go with a current vac. While modern vacuum cleaners have to be emptied multiple times a week depending on use, you only have to clean out a central vac a handful of times per year. 


Additional benefits

If we have not already given you enough reason to call and make the switch today, here are a few more reasons to try and sway you, central vacuuming systems not only make the floor cleaner, but they make the air in your home cleaner as well. This leads to a reduced amount of allergens in your home. Central Vacuums also stay reliable much longer than most modern vacuums, even with the necessary upkeep that goes along with them. 


See The Advantage?


Are you ready to make the switch to a central vacuuming system? Give JN Bergeron Vacuum Solutions a call today. We specialize in cycle vac and central cleaning, assuring you of all the benefits a cleaner clean. Contact us at (603) 624-4061 or thought our website today.


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