Cyclo Vac is one of the leading brands of central vacuuming that JN Bergeron Vacuum Solutions carries, and for a good reason. They’re a reliable and superior replacement for older vacuum systems with powerful suction and operate with little sound. This month, we’re discussing a few commonly asked questions when it comes to setting up your Cyclo Vac for the first time. 

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Do I Need Specific Tools to Install My Cyclo Vac?

You will need a mitre box and a pipe cutter. If you don’t have a pipe cutter, a small saw will do. You can also acquire installation kits to make the job easier, along with pipes, glue, and low-voltage wiring. The Cyclo Vac also comes with a thorough instructions manual. If you prefer a more visual explanation, there is also a DVD that shows a step-by-step guide for installing your new unit.

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What Shouldn’t I Vacuum With My Cyclo Vac?

It’s crucial to avoid vacuuming abrasive materials like plaster, cement, and drywall dust. This is because the particles and dust from these materials could eventually end up in the motor, resulting in damage. However, if you happen to accidentally vacuum these materials, it’s important to clean the filters right away. We also recommend contacting JN Bergeron in order to assess if there’s any damage to your vacuum unit.

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Can I Vacuum Liquids?

It’s vital to avoid using your Cyclo Vac on wet surfaces and abstain from vacuuming liquids. This system is only designed to collect everyday dust. If you happen to accidentally vacuum any liquids, we recommend detaching the unit from the electrical outlet. Proceed to wipe any dust in the filter and system with a dry cloth and plug the unit back in to dry out the moisture from the piping system.


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